Common Pest Control Questions

Here are some common questions we typically hear about pest control treatments inside and outside your home, office, or school. If you have a question, please give us a call to talk about your situation – we’re here to solve your pest problems!

What chemicals are used for treatment?

Each insect problem requires an established protocol treatment, and specific chemicals for that type of pest control treatment. If you care to discuss specific treatments, please give us a call, or talk with the service technician during the initial inspection phase.

Are there any natural or green product alternatives that don’t involve chemicals?

Most natural pest controls are repellants that may or may not work in each situation.

Is a follow-up treatment required?

The goal of Pest Patrol is to aggressively and safely treat the pest problem as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. While other companies might require 2-3 additional visits for reapplication, we’ve found that for most problems, it can be resolved in one day. However, if a retreatment is needed because the customer did not complete the initial preparation work before a service call, then additional pricing guidelines will become effective.

How do I prepare for pest control treatment in my home?

Some of the most important steps in getting rid of unwanted pests or rodents in the home involves cleaning up and getting rid of clutter.

For Bed Bug pest control treatments, move the furniture away from the wall, strip the bed of all linens, and thoroughly launder any clothing in the affected area – extreme heat or cold can kill bed bugs. You could also secure stuffed animals inside a plastic bag, and freeze the toys for at least two weeks.

What do I need to do following a pest control treatment?

You, your family, and pets should stay out of the treated area for the length of time that the service technician indicated. This will vary, depending on the type of treatment needed and the severity of the problem.

How do I prevent another infestation?

Most pests enter the home through the openings that are available to them, such as cracks and crevices around doors, windows, chimneys, foundation areas and attics or crawlspaces. Sealing up these areas, and keeping the interior free from food particles and crumbs will diminish the opportunity of inviting pests back inside. In some cases, an Integrated Pest Management plan will eliminate future infestation.

Will you keep mosquitoes away from my property?

The Pest Patrol mosquito and rodent control methods are for initial treatment and extermination. While we make every effort to be as thorough as possible, these particular services are control methods and not necessarily for permanent elimination.

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