Integrated Pest Management: Safe Pest Control in the Home, Office or School

Pest Patrol offers Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that assesses pest problems in your home, office or school and determines the best solution for managing those pests, with the least effect to your environment, your family, your employees, your friends and your pets. There is a multi-step process involved with IPM, but following each step ensures successful elimination with long-term results.

Each IPM consultation begins with an inspection and investigation phase, where types of potential pests are identified, signs of pests are documented, including their location and activity path, and lifecycle habits are detailed for future preventative pest management.

Since there are many different types of pests, it’s important to know which ones can carry disease and which ones are merely a nuisance. Monitor the presence of pests, and control what is available to them as initial first steps. This follows with eliminating the existing population and evaluating the changes necessary for preventing further population.

Control Pests at Home, Office or School

It may seem obvious, but the cleaner an environment is, the less chance of insect infestation. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning will eliminate the crumbs and spills that pests rely on for survival. Plumbing leaks or drips are more than an annoyance to you, they are also a breeding ground for many pests who thrive in damp conditions. Clutter, both inside and outside, is an invitation to pests and rodents; so get rid of unneeded items and carefully store items properly to reduce the infestation of bugs in your belongings.

Kill the Bugs Inside your Home or Building

While there are many sprays, traps, and deterrents available on the market, the best choice for killing bugs is in using an expert who can do it quickly, safely, and effectively. When pesticides are required for IPM, your pest control expert will know which type and the proper application for your situation. You won’t be left guessing on the dosage or frequency of use.

Each category of pest will require slightly different treatment, which is why the identification phase is so important. Treating the pests that are specific to your location is most cost-effective, without introducing harsh chemicals for overall treatments that may not be required.

Prevent Future Bug Infestation

Bugs won’t live where they can’t get in. Take time to inspect your home or office building or school, and seal up holes, cracks and crevices where they could crawl. Ongoing awareness inside the home can also prevent further population. One single ant, finding a tasty morsel of food, can soon bring hundreds from the ant colony to find more. Keep food items stored away, cleaned up, and make sure kitchen areas are wiped and sanitized regularly.

Integrated Pest Management is a long-term solution to an annoying pest problem. Pest Patrol has worked with thousands of homeowners and building managers to eliminate those pest problems and prevent them from returning.