What to recognize for Bedbugs inside your home

Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bedbugs are very tiny and oval-shaped, with flat bodies. They are usually brown, but after they bite you, they turn a red-brown color. They crawl and hide quickly in cracks and crevices, on furniture and in upholstery and clothing.

Bedbug eggs are as small as a dust speck. The clear-colored babies grow quickly, and they repeatedly shed their skin, but need to feed on blood prior to each shedding. They could become full-grown in about a month, and reproduce at least three times each year.


How do bedbugs get in your home or office?

Determine what you have brought into your home or office lately. Bedbugs like to travel in luggage, clothing, and inside bedding or furniture. They also live where they can get a quick meal of blood – usually near bedrooms and on your bed, mattress, and box spring. They also like to live as a group, so where there’s one, there will usually be quite a few bedbugs together.


People who get bitten by bedbugs have the obvious bites to deal with, but these can also develop into rashes, blisters, or other allergy-related symptoms.


The most effective way to totally get rid of bedbugs is to hire licensed pest control professionals. They know the right chemicals or treatment required, and whether an additional treatment will be necessary.

Further prevention of bedbugs

  • When travelling, inspect the hotel rooms and beds carefully to be sure bed bugs aren’t present and can’t crawl into your luggage for a return trip.
  • Keep similar clothes in their own plastic bag, so that this batch can be laundered together right away when you’re home.
  • Vacuum off luggage and other items, paying attention to seams and corners.
  • Be diligent about cleaning used furniture and clothing you’ve bought second-hand.
  • Regularly vacuum your bed mattress and box springs.
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture at least weekly.
  • Caulk cracks, seal holes, and eliminate entrance areas for bugs.

Rely on the pest control professionals to use the right chemicals to keep bed bugs away.