When you notice bedbug bites, see fleas inside, or the dreaded cockroaches, it’s time to call for professional help. For proper bed bug elimination, there are a lot of steps involved before the extermination process, during, and afterwards. Here are some things you can do to prepare for internal spraying to eliminate any of these indoor pests:

Preparing the infected area

Clean up! Get rid of accumulated newspapers, magazines and other “clutter.”

Move furniture away from wall for easy access to baseboards, draperies, etc.

Strip the bed of all linen & night-clothes. Take all of this to a commercial Laundromat to be washed & dried.

If you have plush/stuffed toys, they need to be secured in plastic bags & placed in the freezer for two weeks.

Alternatively, they may also be taken to the Laundromat and put in a commercial dryer. Either extreme heat or

cold will kill the bugs. In very extreme cases such toys may need to be discarded entirely.

Any clothing in the affected area should be laundered as well… especially if it has been in close contact with the floor, walls or stored in a drawer, box, chest or closet near the bed.

ALL AREAS/ROOMS of the building must be completely prepared when we arrive.

Following treatment

You, your family and pets, should stay OUT of the treated area for the length of time specified by the Technician …usually 2 to 4 hours.

Be aware it may take several days – up to two weeks – for all bugs to be affected/killed by the material applied. The bugs need to come in contact with the material and may not come out of a deep hiding spot for several weeks. Do not panic if you still see some movement following the treatment.

Please understand that our best service depends largely on cooperation from you and/or your tenants. If the above guidelines are not followed, we can not guarantee effective treatment.

Follow-up and Re-treatments

Following the initial application, if a re-treatment is deemed necessary, the following pricing guidelines will become effective:

For a well-prepared building: ¼ of the original price will be charged.

For a poorly or unprepared building: ½ of the original price will be charged.

Pest Patrol can help with preventative treatments to your office and reasonably priced treatments to the homes of your clients. Call now for a free, no obligation quote to keep your office pest-free. We look forward to keeping your pests in control! Thank you for your trust. We are . . . . Your local, full service, pest control professionals. Pest Patrol (517) 266-8383. With your help we can eliminate your Bed Bugs!