Quality Pest Control Services in Southeast Michigan

Did you know that approximately 85% of all residential, commercial, and industrial properties have some type of pest problem? While extermination treatments can be rather consistent for many types of properties, we examine your unique situation to determine the absolute best method of reaching and keeping a pest-free environment. The steps we coordinate with you to accomplish prior to and after our pest control treatment often result in fewer visits and a bigger cost savings for you.

Protect your home with pest control services

Pest Patrol Solves These Pest Problem Areas

Residential Pest Control

Whether it’s a one-time treatment that is needed for a new infestation, or an Integrated Pest Management program, Midwest homeowners have relied on our knowledge and expertise to take care of the problem. Find out more about our Residential Pest Control Services here.

Commercial Pest Control 

Inspection, assessment and extermination of pest problems are just the beginning of an ongoing collaboration for pest management for your business. There are industry standards for each type of business, and the expert technicians with Pest Patrol Commercial Pest Control maintain certifications in the treatments that ensure your building remains pest-free.

Aquatic Weed and Algae Control

The ponds and canals that many property owners enjoy can also be plagued with pests of a different type: those that grow in or are transported through the water source.

Tree and Shrub Service, including Fruit Trees

We love the outdoors and the beautiful trees, shrubs, and landscaping of nature. When it comes to caring for those parts of your property, there are many types of proactive and reactive courses of action that can help save a tree or shrub if it becomes infested. A Certified Arborist is on staff to help save the beautiful property you own, or help you determine the right plantings for your property type.

The experts at Pest Patrol have been serving commercial and residential properties in the counties of Lenawee, Monroe, Hillsdale, and Washtenaw for decades, providing advanced pest control services at affordable prices.