Get Rid of Pesty Bugs with Residential Pest Control Services

The inside of your home is no place to have an infestation of bugs or rodents. The first step in having a pest-free interior is to correctly identify the problem. Here are some of the most common interior pests that bother homeowners and renters throughout Southeastern Michigan. There are a few main categories, and the treatment process is slightly different for each type of infestation.

General Interior Pest Control

This generalized application covers the most common crawling and climbing bugs, and the specialists with Pest Patrol can usually take care of these invaders with one application, spraying where the bugs are. Most often, the generalized home interior program includes insects like spiders, centipedes, crickets, ants and those types of inside bugs.

Nasty Interior Bugs – Roaches and Bed Bugs

Roaches and bed bugs are sometimes considered the grossest bugs that can invade a home, and they require specialized treatment for extermination. We have itemized some preparation work that a homeowner or renter must complete prior to our arrival in order for the process to be successful. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a pdf document to print and follow before we come to get rid of these nasty bugs.

Pantry Pests That Invade Your Stored Food

What’s worse than opening a bag of something in your pantry, only to see it crawling with tiny little bugs that decided to start living there? Yuk! And we agree – they shouldn’t be there and you want them gone fast!

The Flying Disease-Carriers

You may think it’s normal for summertime to have flying insects in your home, but when there’s an infestation of them, it isn’t a picnic – no matter where you live. Gnats, fruit flies and house flies carry diseases and will fly anywhere inside your home, multiplying and laying eggs.

Fleas and Ticks are Different Than Bed Bugs

We feel sorry for our furry little friends that pick up fleas and ticks when they play outdoors. We feel worse when those little travelers come inside with our pets, and begin living in the comfy areas of the house that we frequent.

Unfortunately, some ticks can carry dangerous and potentially fatal diseases, so you don’t want to ignore them. Make sure you treat your pets to eliminate the bugs from their body, but take extra steps to get rid of fleas inside the home also.

Termites Will Destroy Your Home

Don’t take a chance, if you notice wood infestation starting, call us right away. Termites have their own community, often larger than you think, and once they start eating away at your home, it can be devastating to the structural soundness of your building.

Our Integrated Residential Pest Management Program will take care of those creepy, crawly things. Do it yourself pest control usually produces minimal results, often with unsuccessful treatment re-application. IPM programs are designed to attack specific pest problems, and to treat them correctly from the beginning. Pest Control can be very effective when administered properly, and when trusted experts are on the job to take care of the extermination for you.