Effective Commercial Pest Control for Your Business

Commercial pest problems can deter customers, cause potential health hazards to your employees, and threaten the life of your business. A restaurant that has a cockroach infestation or mice visiting the dining room will soon see the detrimental effects of not using ongoing commercial pest control.

As an experienced pest control company with highly certified inspectors and exterminators, Pest Patrol helps dozens of businesses achieve a high standard of cleanliness by managing and eliminating pests in their building. Each type of business is different, and requires a unique approach to pest management.

Restaurant Pest Control

Imagine the scenario – a customer sees a bug, thinks your restaurant is dirty, and tells others about it. Perhaps roaches and spiders travel in with the delivery trucks that bring supplies, and you don’t realize it until they start wandering around the dining room. Stored food in the pantry might have ants, centipedes, beetles, meal worms, maggots and flies.

Pest Patrol implements a food-safe, custom tailored clean-out treatment to solve the problem. Once the bugs are eliminated, a maintenance program is implemented to avoid a reoccurrence in the future. Restaurants who have used our food-safe pest control services have seen happier customers who share their positive experience with the restaurant, bringing more sales to the table.

Business Office Pest Control

A successful image is everything for a business, and that image is destroyed when an important client is sitting in the waiting area and notices pests such as ants, spiders, wasps, centipedes, beetle, rodents and more in your office. Additionally, employees who are aware of an ongoing pest or rodent problem are more distracted, as they are on the lookout for the next little visitor who may invade their workspace.

Office buildings need a tailored clean-out treatment, based on the type of furnishings and floor coverings in the building. A regular maintenance program that includes highly effective mouse and rat bait stations and insect treatments will eliminate future colonies from taking up residence where they aren’t wanted.

Medical Facility Pest Control

Nothing says dirty like bugs crawling around, or evidence of bugs and dead bugs lying around. Patients visiting a medical facility expect the utmost in sanitation, and when they notice pest problems, they question your ability to properly treat their medical condition. Roaches and mice carry diseases that can be quickly passed to patients during appointments. Likewise, those patients may inadvertently bring in bed bugs and other traveling pests with them, ready to move into your medical office.

Integrated Pest Management for a medical facility is designed to use safe and effective methods of ridding your building and ground of pest problems, while preventing further occurrence and taking care of traveling problems that might occur. Patients will feel safer getting the care they need in your building, and your staff will be more comfortable providing care when they don’t have to disguise pest problems.

Pest Control for Schools and Educational Buildings

Oh, the places they can travel – when bugs and rodents find their way into school bags, backpacks and clothing, the environment can change overnight. Schools have noticed that bed bugs can be carried in via backpacks, where they visit other coats and clothing in the classroom and spread throughout the school or to other homes after school. Other common pests include mice and roaches in locker rooms, kitchen facilities and mechanical rooms. Ants, bees and wasps, ticks and fleas share classroom space with students, and often travel like their bed bug friends.

Careful Integrated Pest Management in a school environment will tackle the problem as environmentally-friendly as possible. Unwanted chemicals around students can cause further problems, so an IPM for schools takes into consideration the safety the pest control application and the effective timeframe to see results. Parents and students are happier when they know the school is pest-free, and also disease-free through elimination of the pests.

Conquer Industrial Pest Problems

Loading docks, shipping departments, and even production assembly lines are haven to rodents and disease-carrying insects. Traveling rodents coming to the facility on delivery trucks can easily wreak havoc in storage areas and with expensive equipment. Conquering these pests requires tough, safe, locked mouse and rat traps and bait stations, roach treatments, and regular spray applications for ants, spiders and mosquitoes. Getting rid of the vermin will give employees the assurance that the company is looking out for their best interest.

Convenience Stores Need Special Pest Control

A quick visit to a convenience store that has a pest problem will quickly turn a customer away. Convenience stores have the extra challenge of pests being introduced to their building via bottle returns and delivery trucks. When evidence of roaches, ants, spiders and mice are around the coffee machine or food dispensers, it’s a deterrent to sales. Pest control for convenience stores includes a custom clean-out treatment, identification of ongoing procedural changes that should occur with bottle returns and other items, and a regular maintenance program to prevent future problems. Customers will be happier and the inventory will be protected, allowing for more sales for your store.

Campground Pest Control

One would think that camping in nature means you need to accept all that nature gives you, but an over-abundance of mosquitoes, flies, wasps and ants can prevent return visits to the campground. Regular treatments for inside community building areas and careful spray applications in the camping areas will give campers and their guests an enjoyable camping experience.

While most commercial pest problems follow a regular plan of elimination, each type of commercial business may require different protocol be followed or a variety of pesticides, insecticides, or other applications be applied in order to be effective. The experts at Pest Patrol help many businesses stay pest-free and rodent-free.