Pests happen. The occasional mouse will get into your home. You’ll have ants, wasps, or boxelder bugs. Your plants will get mites and your dog will get fleas. It’s just a part of sharing this planet with them.

The good news is that there are many pest control products that you can use to both prevent and eliminate bugs and pests. The problem is that some of them may be considered unsafe for some populations, including infants and the elderly. Let’s take a quick look at some of the products to be wary of as well as a list of safe pest control solutions.

You can use live traps to capture mice and other critters. Since there is no poison involved, they are safe to use. You then have to relocate the rodent, but that’s a small problem.

Audio deterrents have mixed results. Some people find that the devices which emit sound waves or electromagnetic waves work quite well to drive away rodents and pests. However, other people have a different opinion. If you have a pest problem, the first step should be to identify and eliminate their point of entry. Then, as a second step, you can try an audio or electromagnetic deterrent.

Even natural pesticides like insecticidal soap can be hazardous to young children. If you need to use a pesticide, make sure that it’s designed specifically for indoor use. Only use it in a small area and keep it out of areas where small children and pets reside.

The best and safest practice is prevention. If you regularly inspect your home and seal cracks and holes, mice and rodents will have difficulty entering your home. Vacuuming and keeping garbage and clutter off of the floor will also make your home unattractive to rodents and insects.

If you do find that you have a pest problem, the safest and easiest option may be to call a pest control company. They can quickly identify how the pests are getting inside your home and provide you with a few options to eliminate them. Before you choose an option, ask your technician about the safety of the products that will be used and how they will impact your family. A good pest control business will have multiple options so that you can make the right decision for you and your home.