Plants are a great, natural way to bring beauty and color to the interior of your home. Unfortunately, insects enjoy plants as much as people do. Your indoor plants can easily become infested with bugs. Creating an indoor plant pest control program will help you make sure that your home stays pest-free.

Keep Indoor Plants Indoors

It’s tempting to place your plants outside during the warmer months. In fact, some people believe that their plants thrive with a little extra fresh air and sunshine. However placing your plants outside for any period of time invites insects. When you bring your plants back inside, the insects can multiply and spread to your other plants. Keep indoor plants indoors.

Isolate New Plants

One of the main ways that plants become infested with bugs is by contact with other infested plants. When you obtain a new plant, keep it isolated for a week or so. Separate it from your other plants. Inspect it regularly. Once you are sure that it is free of insects, you can place it with your other plants.

Inspect Often

When you water your plants, take a few minutes to inspect them also. Look at the soil and both sides of the leaves. If you do see any bugs (including mites) immediately isolate that plant. Remove it from your other plants and begin treatment right away. Treatment often means washing the leaves or spraying the plant with insecticidal soap.

Keep Plants Healthy

Know what your plants need to stay healthy. Healthy plants are able to fight off disease and survive insect damage, and insects are often attracted to damaged or vulnerable plants. Keep your plants healthy by watering them as needed. Also explore appropriate sunlight levels and soil conditions for your particular houseplants. Some plants thrive with an occasional trim and others need plant food to stay strong and vibrant.

Plants are part of our world. When you take plants indoors, they bring with them natural elements such as bugs. While the occasional insect on your houseplant is not usually anything to worry about, some insects can turn into large pest problems. Inspect your plants regularly, and know which insects will put them at risk. Even if you keep your plants healthy, insects can wreak havoc and destroy your household plants. A good indoor plant pest control program is the best preventative.