Termites Destroy Wood Inside Homes

Hungry, Wood Destroying Insects Can Totally Destroy Your Building

One of the largest investments made during a lifetime is real estate; but a homeowner’s new “castle” can be reduced to rubble by wood destroying insects that wreak havoc and cause astronomical property damage. While termites are first thought of, there are actually four types of wood destroyers ready to invade and eat away at parts of a building or the surrounding landscape.

Carpenter Bee Lenawee County Michigan home

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees like to live in hollow areas of trees and homes; Termites tunnel into wood to live and eat; Powerderpost Beetles eat away at wood and leave trails of wood dust as evidence; and Bark Beetles and Woodborers thrive by eating beneath the bark of a tree or a log that might be used in construction that still has bark attached.

It is more common to see the wood destroying insects in older homes, although the right conditions will bring them into any dwelling. Home inspections are very important when considering real estate purchases, because the evidence of these insects is not always obvious and a good pest inspector will know where to look and what signs to look for to determine the safety of the structure.

Attempting to eliminate wood destroying insects on your own is difficult to do, partly because correct identification is needed in order to treat them for long-term results. While one type can be killed through spraying techniques, others require actions be initiated at the insects’ nest or underground where they are accessing the building.

A certified pest control expert will assess potential infestation, identify the pest locations, and know how to treat the conditions to eliminate the insects. Follow-up treatments are sometimes suggested for long-term results.

Consider a home pest inspection to determine what risks may be present, and let the experts at Pest Patrol handle the hungry wood destroyers before they eat you out of house and home!

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