Have Beautiful, Long-Lasting Trees and Shrubs

An immaculately landscaped lawn takes on a special beauty when it includes healthy, thriving trees and bushes that offer shade, fruit, or flowers for a variety of views during each season. Since the Pest Patrol team includes a certified arborist, we’re ready to help you achieve the long-lasting beauty you want with trees and shrubs in your yard.

We have complete programs for trees and shrubs care, including insect and disease treatments and deep root feeding. Trees need pest management services too, and proper pruning and caring of their branches will give a polished appearance to your landscape.

Types of Insects that Invade Trees and Shrubs

Trees can become sick in a variety of ways, but with an integrated management approach with the goal of saving a tree that might otherwise need to be cut down, a tree’s health may be restored. Most common problems for trees are pest related and human related; here are some examples:

Chewing and sucking insects – these chew and suck on the tree leaves, stems and flowers.

Boring insects – these pests bore into the wooden trunk and can kill a tree from the inside out by damaging tree circulation.

Root-attacking worms (nematodes) – these damage trees by ingesting areas of the tree roots which interferes with nutrient uptake.

Cultural practices – planting new tree saplings too deep or too shallow, or without straightening out their roots will cause growth problems. Insufficient water and too much mulch also cause problems.

Competition – most trees draw nutrients and water within the first foot of soil. Trees also compete with other plants and trees for water and nutrients. Some trees produce chemicals which can injure or kill other plants in close proximity.

Weed wackers – even though they make trimming the weeds easier throughout your yard, these are the number one cause of death of urban trees. The cambium layer under the bark is injured after the trunk is hit repeatedly with the weed wacker, leading to eventual decline and death of the tree.

Whatever your trees and shrubs need to be healthy, it’s comforting to know that a Certified Arborist, accredited through the International Society of Arborists, is available to help – just a phone call away. We’d like to see more trees planted in our community, and look forward to making sure you have pest-free, disease-free, healthy trees and shrubs.