Stinging Insect and Wasp Treatments by Pest Patrol

Get Effective Treatment For Stinging And Biting Insects In Southeast Michigan

Michigan stinging insects include the bugs commonly thought of, such as bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. But there are other stinging and biting insects that people are concerned about – these include ants, fleas, ticks, horse flies, deer flies and mosquitoes – and more.

Stinging and biting insects are evident during warmer months, and some of them are actually beneficial such as the bees who help with pollination and making honey. Most of these types of insects live together with others, socially working towards common tasks that they are bred to accomplish. Because of their social living arrangements they are also very protective, and won’t think twice about attacking those who start bothering them.

Many pests that are grouped as stinging and biting insects, unfortunately, may be insects that can also cause health issues for people who are especially sensitive to stings and bites. A trip to the hospital can become an emergency for some people, and that risk could be reduced if the insects are properly removed. Trying to remove or kill a nest of these stinging bugs yourself can be dangerous. It’s better to have a pest control professional help analyze your situation and offer the correct course of action.

Swarm of wasps on backyard deck

First, proper identification is important in order to eliminate the bug. Many insects have similar characteristics, but not all are the same in terms of extermination. A licensed pest control expert will correctly identify the insect, determine the activities and a possible nest that may be present, and develop the proper course of action to eliminate the bug.

Often, this includes a full program of Integrated Pest Management, which will encompasses a full protocol of getting rid of the pests and changing those areas in the environment that attracted them in the first place. Changing a few minor things in your yard can reduce the attraction of these insects to your area. Cover garbage cans, caulk cracks and fill in areas where these bugs could invade your home.

Pest Patrol knows how to safely deal with the stinging insects in our region, and we will work with you to keep them away.

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