As soon as you see them, you want to get rid of ants that show up in your home. Even if it is one lone scout, that one ant will return to the nest and bring an entire army to invade your space. Identifying the ants and the likely reason for the invasion can be the two vital keys to getting rid of ants in your home. Ants may be beneficial to the environment, but they do not make good roommates. Take these three steps to get rid of ants indoors.

Step One: Identify the Ant

Different ants have different habits and different needs. You may be able to identify the ants in question with the help of your favorite Internet search engine. Identifying the invaders may require the experience of a professional pest control expert. Once you know what kind of ant you are dealing with, then you can prepare a plan to take back your home.

Step Two: Why are They Here

Depending on the ants, your home may offer the invaders a source of food, water or their own secure domicile. You will want to eliminate whatever resources the ants are finding in your home. Make sure that all food is stored in sealed containers. Check for moisture issues around the house or under the house since some ants prefer damp locations for building their homes. Clean around the inside and outside of the house to eliminate any traces of food or other ant-friendly items.

Step Three: Kick the Ants Out

You can get rid of most ants by eliminating their resources, but some will be inclined to hang around no matter how much your prepare or clean. You need to locate the nests of these determined invaders first. After you have located the nests, they need to be removed. Use a vacuum to suck up the ants and then dispose of them in a location far away from the house. Keep in mind that even if you poison the ants, you will still want to remove the mess that is left afterwards.

Additional Tips to Help Get Rid of Ants

Keep debris, wood, and other items away from the foundation of the home. You should clear leaves and other debris from around the eaves, the window edges, and the doors. Keep garbage cans and other disposable items away from the house. Put all foods in containers that are airtight – for added measure while you get rid of the ants, consider keeping all food items in the refrigerator or freezer.

The ants may be coming one by one – but you are just three steps away from sending them back out the door. Knowing what kind of ant is invading will be the first step in determining your actions. Once you identify the culprit, you can take the steps you need to get rid of them. A pest control expert can quickly identify the ants and apply the right methods to get rid of ants in your home.