Boxelder bugs seem innocent enough when you first see them. They don’t bite, they don’t sting, and they don’t cause damage to your home. However, generally speaking if you see one boxelder bug in your home, then there are more hiding. Before too long you’ll see mounds of these little black and red bugs. You’ll begin to feel as if they’re invading.

Step One: Why Are Boxelder Bugs in Your Home?

Boxelder bugs make their home in and around maple or ash or seed-bearing trees. They spend the warm months reproducing. They lay their eggs on the trees and feed on their leaves and stems.

When the bugs hatch, they molt, mature, and reproduce. A few boxelder bugs can quickly grow to thousands. When the weather gets colder, they find their way into the cracks in and around your home.

To get rid of boxelder bugs, the first step is to identify where they live during the summer months, find the tree, and then find how they’re getting into your home.

Step Two: Eliminate Access to Boxelder Bugs

The next step is to seal the cracks that they’re using to get inside your home. Make sure you don’t have holes in your screens, and seal any crevices or gaps in your foundation.

These aren’t hearty bugs, so if you prevent them from getting inside, the bugs in your home should go away. However, if you really want to get rid of the boxelders, you’ll need to eliminate their summer home. Have a certified arborist examine the trees and treat them correctly to get rid of pests.

Persistence is Required

You might spray pesticides around the perimeter of your home to try to keep them out; however, sprays in retail stores are often not as effective as the professional version. These are persistent insects, so be prepared to be just as stubborn. Inside your home, grab the vacuum and suck up the dead bugs as well as the live ones. If you find eggs, you’ll want to scrape them off and get rid of them.

Another option is to call in an exterminator or pest control specialist. They’ll be able to quickly identify how the insects are getting in your home and instruct you on how to get rid of boxelder bugs in and around your home.