Enjoy Abundance with Proper Care of Fruit Trees


Fruit trees can be very rewarding, and it all begins with making the right selection of tree varieties. Some trees are more prolific in producing fruit, while others are hardy in other ways, making them a longer-lasting tree for your property.

The certified arborist on the Pest Patrol team can help you make the right selection for your soil type, shade/sun ratio, and other weather and growing conditions. You need to determine the type of fruit you want and how long you’ll wait for the reward of biting into your first crunchy apple!

As a first step, select your fruit trees carefully. Dwarf trees produce a crop within 2-3 years, while semi-dwarf varieties in 3-5 years and standard trees in 7-10 years. Disease and pest resistance is also important to know, as well as your desires as to applying chemicals or keeping the growth as organic as possible.

Transplanting a fruit tree from another location can produce favorable results, if the tree originated in an area that matches your hardiness zone with similar weather and temperatures.

Our experts can help you determine the ideal planting location on your property, based on the amount of sun or shade required, water runoff, and soil conditions. Don’t take a chance with buying a variety of fruit trees and expect an abundant crop without becoming knowledgeable about the process, growth, and protection for each of your trees.

Pest Patrol loves helping fruit trees thrive, and can offer a consultation to get you started with the right plantings and care. We also offer maintenance plans to keep pests and disease away from your crops. Growing fruit trees can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, when you also include proper tree maintenance and care.