Exterminator Services for Disease Carrying Insects in Southeastern Michigan

Insects stay in specific natural habitats for a number of reasons, and the disease carrying insects in Southeastern Michigan tend to stay near shady and moist areas, both in wooded locations and grassy areas.

This category of insects pass on bacteria and diseases either through direct contact or from their bite. For instance, people can potentially contract the Lyme Disease when bit by infected tick; and the West Nile Virus is spread through a mosquito bite after the insect was in contact with an infected bird.

Bacteria and other diseases are spread by direct contact when flies or roaches walk across affected areas or decomposing material, and then walk across food or items that people will be using. Rats and mice also spread diseases in a similar way.

Information is widely available about the symptoms associated with each of these disease carrying insects and rodents, but in most cases, immediate medical attention is advised after a bite is noticed.

The first step towards avoiding this group of insects is to understand the living environment they thrive in. Most of these bugs live outdoors in their normal habitat, but cockroaches and flies also like the indoor areas. Cockroaches, especially, look for dark, damp, tight places to crawl and live inside your home, behind your cabinets and plumbing, and other areas.

Mosquitoes are active for a long season, and they breed and lay eggs on standing water. So, eliminate stagnant water in your yard and make sure that flower pots, barrels, or other containers are not left to hold water for long periods of time.

Properly spraying chemicals to eliminate disease carrying insects is best left to pest control specialists, who know how to adjust the saturation and application depending on the weather conditions and severity of the infestation in your area. The Pest Patrol team is equipped to help make your yard and home safer from these insects carrying diseases.