Homeowners who want peace of mind of an insect-free home see the value in having annual exterior pest control treatments. How can exterior pest control help your home be free from common insects and bugs this summer?

First, know if the pests in your home are part of an EPC program. Common insects, such as ants, spiders, and beetles, can be eliminated through correct application of seasonal spraying. A qualified technician knows where these bugs lurk and live, and also knows the right chemicals to use.

Next, understand that some insects need extra work to eliminate them properly. Bed bugs, roaches, termites and carpenter ants are insects that aren’t covered by seasonal EPC guarantees, but additional spray applications can handle these pests.

Finally, commit to a long-term solution. Quality External Pest Control programs include staggered applications throughout the season, which affect the breeding stages of each type of insect as well as the seasonal arrival of certain insects.

EPC is a series of spray applications that are designed for generalized bug control and infestation protection. Not all EPC programs are equal, however. Consider the following:

Frequency and method of application – some EPC programs are set up for specific months of the year, no matter what the weather conditions. A qualified pest control company will make allowances for the weather, humidity, and rainfall, and recommend the best application times based on current conditions. The type of chemicals used also makes a difference – higher quality chemicals don’t require as frequent applications when applied properly. Finally, what methods are used? A perimeter treatment will not provide all the protection that a roof-to-ground application will. Get quality service with a treatment that is applied everywhere bugs land on your home, not just those that crawl around the foundation.

Price of program – know what you’re paying for, and how frequent the program is designed. A lower-end chemical may appear to be a cost savings, but if it requires many more frequent applications, it may not save money in the long run.

Guarantee offered – a reputable pest control company will offer a guarantee for their services, and support that guarantee during the timeframe of the EPC. Seasonal adjustments might be necessary, based on weather conditions, bug breeding habits, and normal outdoor surroundings. Exterior Pest Control is a specific, timed program of pesticide application guaranteed to keep common bugs out of your home.