Aquatic Weed Control


Aquatic Pest Control to eliminate weeds and bugs Lenawee County MI

Enjoy Backyard Ponds without Ugly Weeds, Scum or Algae

Picture a relaxing summer evening in your backyard, near the pond that is clean and thriving, populated with hundreds of fish, and the relaxing, occasional croaking of frogs. The kids enjoyed the afternoon playing in the water, scooping up tadpoles and finding little specimens to study. This tranquility can happen for your backyard pond or neighborhood canal if you take care and maintain it on a regular basis. Pest Patrol can help with that.

A pond covered with unsightly algae and overgrown with weeds is nothing to enjoy and could be a health risk. Pond scum invites mosquitoes and other biting insects, making that relaxing evening nearly impossible. There are some common problems with ponds including excessive nutrients, free-floating plants, water discoloration and algae.

Some plants growing in a pond are helpful for providing oxygen and nutrients, but when they overcrowd the pond problems develop. Lawn clippings, fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus, and other nutrients from neighboring lawns and fields flow to a water source and subsequently promote the excessive growth of weeds and algaes that sometimes overtake a pond.

There is a difference between local weeds and invasive weeds and the treatment varies, depending on the type of weed and weather conditions, throughout the season. Weed control and management can be accomplished with specific aquatic herbicides or algaecides. Sometimes introducing anaerobes, or organisms that eat muck on the bottom of the pond, can help deter future growth of unwanted weeds and algae.

Maintaining a backyard pond requires knowledge and skill, and Pest Patrol is ready to help make that part of your yard a pleasant experience. We will start with an assessment to determine what is draining into your pond from other locations, what might already be present in your pond, and what should be eliminated. Monthly or seasonal applications of chemicals might be needed to protect your pond and the surrounding environment. Call us today to control the weeds and algae in your backyard pond or canal.