The Presence of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are nocturnal and are most active in the springtime. However, you should always be on the lookout for potential signs of an infestation. Swarmer carpenter ants will shed their wings, which you can often find near windowsills and baseboards. You may also observe flying carpenter ants emerging from vents or hanging around doors and windows.

Wood Shavings

Trails of sawdust or small piles of wood shavings could both be signs that carpenter ants are building nests in the wooden elements of your house. You should perform a close inspection if you observe either of these signs. You may also consider calling a professional exterminator to come and investigate.

Rustling in the Walls

Carpenter ants make audible sounds when they are moving around and building nests. If you hear a soft rustling sound in your walls, you could have a problem with carpenter ants.

Hollow Wood

If you knock on your wall, you will hear a solid sound when you knock on a stud and a hollow sound when knocking in between studs. A stud that is infested with termites will sound hollow compared to a solid stud. If it is supporting a large nest, you may also hear a slight rustling sound.

Wet Wood

Carpenter ants like wet wood, and are often found in woodwork near bathrooms and kitchens. Also, keep an eye on areas that have suffered a leak or are often damp, as they will be more appealing to carpenter ants.

Unlike termites, carpenter ant do not actually eat your wood. However, they can still be very destructive. Pay close attention to any ants that you see in your house. If you hear noises inside your walls or find signs of an infestation, be sure to call a professional pest control expert or exterminator to come and investigate the source. The sooner you can identify a carpenter ant infestation, the better.

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