When you have pests in your home, whether insects or animals, you want them gone quickly. No one wants to live with bugs, mice, or other pests. It’s tempting to call the first exterminator that you come across. That’s not a good idea. Like any professional service provider, some exterminators are better than others. When your safety and the comfort of your home depend on it, it’s important to take the time to find a good exterminator.

Make Sure The Exterminator Is Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

In most states, exterminators need to be licensed. Make sure that anyone you are considering has a recent license and is bonded. Bonding means that the company has to reimburse you for any loss or damage they cause. In most states, insurance isn’t required. However, it can be a good thing for them to have, and most exterminators will have a general liability insurance policy.


A good exterminator will have a strong reputation. Do a little digging online to review their history and record. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see what their rating is. Look for online reviews too. How long has the company been around? Consider asking friends for recommendations. If you have a few exterminators in mind, and you’re not sure which one is going to be the best fit, consider asking for references.

Policies and Plans

Finally, ask about what their treatment plan entails. What pests do they treat and how do they treat them? What chemicals do they use? How will the pesticides be applied? Are alternatives available and what is their cost? Do they offer integrated pest management? This is a type of pest management that strives to minimize the use of pesticides.

If pesticides are required, do they offer instructions or recommendations to reduce your exposure? And do they offer a plan to protect your home against future pest problems? Do they use a multidisciplinary approach where they use a variety of methods to clear your home of pests?

Finally, you’ll also want to ask if there is a guarantee. Most exterminators do guarantee their work. However, some will have exceptions and exclusions. Find out what those exceptions and exclusions are.

When you are eliminating pests from your home it pays to do your homework. Compare exterminators based on their reputation, policies, and of course by their price. It is possible to find a good exterminator, one that you can trust with your home and your health.