Next to bathrooms, kitchens are probably the busiest room of any house or apartment. Unfortunately, kitchens are also a target for many tiny visitors that you probably don’t want. Why are they arriving, like unwanted relatives invading your peaceful home? Here’s information on the best way to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

With the busy schedules of summer, sporting events, and other activities, you may be inviting them in by your habits – or by relaxing previous habits of cleanliness. Are there dirty dishes left hurriedly in the sink, when you used to rinse them and put inside the dishwasher right away? Leftovers are an open invitation to guests, and ants will “sniff” those out quickly, especially if the leftovers are sweet or sticky treats.

Sometimes, we get so busy during the summer, that the regular chore schedule slips, and vacuuming doesn’t happen as often as it should. The ants are watching, and they notice if there are crumbs left within easy reach! They communicate well and work well together to reach an objective that will benefit their colony, so watch the crumbs by Fido’s dish or the toddler’s treats that didn’t make it in the tummy.

If you’ve just spotted a few ants, watch them closely, because they are the ones blazing a trail for others to follow. You may even discover their entrance areas, and can caulk cracks or fix holes where they are entering before the rest of their crowd follows.

Ants are very organized, and will follow the same trail to get to their destination. When you get to the steps of scrubbing everywhere in the kitchen, pay attention to these trails and give them a thorough cleaning. Pay attention to vacuuming under the cupboards, and even inside cupboards that may contain food items.

Air tight containers are especially important during the warm weather months. Keep sweet cereal and other tempting items sealed inside a container, and the ants will be less likely to find them.

These are all prevention methods that you can control inside your home. Once there is an infestation of ants, however, the challenge should be left up to the professionals. Keep in mind that these tips are for the common ant, often called the sugar ant. The more destructive carpenter ants are a different breed and needs tougher methods to eliminate them.

A qualified pest control specialist will identify the type of ant and recommend the right solution to get rid of those ants in your kitchen. Contact Pest Patrol now to get an estimate and schedule a visit!