Effective Pest Control and Professional Exterminators to Handle Your Bug Problems

If you’ve got bugs, pests, or rodents, Pest Patrol is the local pest control company with one of the largest licenses in Michigan to take care of your indoor and outdoor insect problems, for both residential and commercial properties.

Our vast certifications mean that you get highly qualified specialists getting rid of your pest problems, usually with a single visit. As exterminators, we tackle the common and tough problems, like roaches, bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants, and spiders; but we also specialize in other areas.

Treating ponds and canals correctly can take care of invasive weeds and algae. Our shrub and tree service is designed to save the plants, and fruit trees thrive when cared for by our Internationally Certified Arborist.

Our exterior pest control program keeps unwanted bugs away from buildings and entrances, and wood destroying insect inspections identify potential problems that could ruin your building.

Different industries require unique interior pest elimination plans, such as restaurants, office buildings, medical facilities, schools, industrial buildings, and convenience stores. The service technicians at Pest Patrol have worked in a number of these industries, understand what turns customers away, and can eliminate the pest and rodent problem for that business.

Pest Patrol offers pest control solutions for your home or business throughout Lenawee County and the surrounding area of Southeast Michigan.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

As soon as you see them, you want to get rid of ants that show up in your home. Even if it is one lone scout, that one ant will return to the nest and bring an entire army to invade your space. Identifying the ants and the likely reason for the invasion can be the two... read more

Before You Check In – Check for Hotel Bedbugs

If you are planning a vacation this summer, remember to be prepared for the tiny things that might affect your comfort, specifically the hotel bedbugs that you might not notice, but will ruin your trip, and may even decide to follow you home. The star rating of the... read more

How to Identify Indoor Insects

Your home is your refuge, protected from the elements. Free from rain, wind, animals and bugs, you can sleep easy at night, right? Well the truth is that insects live everywhere. They are inside your home and your car, and they vastly outnumber humans. In fact,... read more

How to Get Rid Of Spider Mites

Spider mites are tiny arachnids that usually live on plants. Because they are so small, they can infest a plant and cause problems before you even notice them. They spin small webs and suck the chlorophyll out of the plant. They can be found on both indoor and outdoor... read more

How to Know it’s Time for a Flea Exterminator

Fleas are tiny jumping insects that feed off of the blood of mammals and birds. They are wingless and considered external parasites, because they cannot survive for long without a host. There are more than 2,000 different types of fleas, and many of them are specific... read more

Best Practices for Indoor Plant Pest Control

Plants are a great, natural way to bring beauty and color to the interior of your home. Unfortunately, insects enjoy plants as much as people do. Your indoor plants can easily become infested with bugs. Creating an indoor plant pest control program will help you make... read more

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